Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Robe Ceremony: Liveblog

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Robe Ceremony: Liveblog

(Via @SCOTUSplaces)

(Via @SCOTUSplaces)

Who will become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court of the United States? Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit? Judge Thomas Hardiman of the Third Circuit? We’ve seen hints supporting both.

Or will tonight’s reality television surprise all of us? Maybe we’ll get Ted Cruz? Or Peter Thiel?

The buzz earlier today favored Judge Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch led Judge Hardiman by a wide margin in the prediction markets, and at least one publication reported that Judge Gorsuch will be the nominee. So did Ramesh Ponnuru of the National Review.

But with reality TV impresario Donald Trump at the helm, anything is possible. Let’s liveblog!

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