Non-Sequiturs: 3.3.17

Non-Sequiturs: 3.3.17

My Cousin Vinny* D.C. Circuit cites My Cousin Vinny while ruling protesters can be charged under a law banning “Harangues or Orations.” Uhh… everything the D.C. Circuit just said is bullsh*t… Thank you. [Election Law Blog]


So… Sessions is gonna recuse himself from that too, right?

* Across the pond, they’re cutting bereavement benefits, and a conservative minister defends the move as a way to help widows and widowers “adjust” to single-parent life. Please, let there be a hell. [The Guardian]

* Trump’s cabinet has fewer lawyers than past administrations. Which should surprise nobody since Trump’s cabinet acts like the law is FAKE NEWS. [ABA Journal]

* Secretary of State skips State Department’s annual presentation on human rights violations. I suppose that makes sense. I mean, why go to a meeting telling you about some s**t you’re already planning to do? [Washington Post]

* Homeland Security is considering separating children from their mothers at the border to deter families from seeking entry. When reached for comment, the Jedi Council said “wait, no, that can backfire.” [Reuters]

* Arkansas wants to rush-kill eight guys before its execution drugs expire. I just… no, I’m done here. This is a steaming trash heap of a country, at least half the country wants it to be a steaming trash heap of a country, and I wish nothing but the absolute worse for all the people who look at this collection of links and don’t see steaming trash. Have a nice weekend. [Business Insider]


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