Harvard Law School To LSAT: Drop Dead

Harvard Law School To LSAT: Drop Dead

No. 2 PencilTomorrow… after the dust settles… we’ll have more to say.

But for now, let’s just say Arizona Law said, “hey maybe we don’t need to live and die by the LSAT’s whims” and the big wigs over there went ballistic. Then the law professors struck back defending the GRE as a fine test since it literally defines who gets Ph.D.s in this country.

But none of those schools followed the Arizona lead until RIGHT. THE F**K. NOW.

Harvard went over the top!

UPDATE: OK, Harvard says it’s just a pilot program, but then so did Arizona. But of course, this update comes from resident Harvard Law grad Elie, so he’s desperately scrambling to reclaim his eliteness.

Harvard, of all schools. Harvard Law School. They decided they don’t need the LSAT’s rubber stamp on students and it’ll accept the GRE:

Harvard officials said Wednesday that accepting the GRE will expand access to the law school because the exam is offered frequently throughout the year, and in many locations internationally. By contrast, the LSAT, which is administered by the Law School Admission Council, is offered only four times a year. Per the WSJ:

“Harvard Law School is continually working to eliminate barriers as we search for the most talented candidates for law and leadership,” said Dean Martha Minow in an announcement of the decision. “For many students, preparing for and taking both the GRE and the LSAT is unaffordable. All students benefit when we can diversify our community in terms of academic background, country of origin, and financial circumstances.”

Damn. Fall to #3 in the USNWR rankings and you pull the ripcord, eh? Desperate times…

Jeff Thomas, Kaplan Test Prep’s thinks it’ll have a domino effect on the legal academy:

Harvard Law School’s decision to allow applicants to submit GRE scores instead of LSAT scores has the potential to create a domino effect among other law schools. When Harvard changes their admissions strategy, other law schools take notice.

In reality, to create a true two-test admissions landscape, the vast majority of law schools would have to make this decision too.

Well. The academic market has spoken.

Some folks may whine that the GRE isn’t tailored to the specific skills of law students because every law student needs to know that Sally is taller than Jessica but shorter than Donny, or something like that. The fact is that the GRE is a more accessible test. From Thomas again:

Kaplan Test Prep’s view is that choice is always good for students. With the GRE offered almost every day of the year, this will open up doors to applicants who would have otherwise missed deadlines, since the LSAT is only offered a few times per year, or who have shied away from the LSAT.

So the ball’s in your court, other law schools.

And shut up, Yale. We all know you just make this up as you go along because you’re soooooo special.

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