Basic Session 22 – Other Taxes, Estimated Taxes, Amended Returns – 2012 Tax Law

This session covers the following topics:
SE Tax
Social Security and Medicare Taxes On Unreported Tip Income
Rules Affecting Who Incorrectly Receive Form 1099 Misc. From Their Employers
Additional Taxes Owed on Early Distributions From Retirement Accounts
Household Employment Taxes
Estimated Taxes
Amended Returns
Kiddie Tax Rules
Parent’s Election to Report Child’s Interest & Dividend Income
Innocent and Injured Spouse Rules
Installment Agreements
Underpayment of Estimated Tax
Preparation of Forms 8919, SS-8, Schedule H, 5405, 8888, 8379, 9465, 8857, 2210, 8821, 1040X, 8814 & 8615