Sale of Business Property

Lecture Content

Different rules apply to the sale of capital and noncapital assets. Gains and losses on the disposition of personal and investment property are taxed differently than gains and losses on the sale of business property. This manual provides a close-up look of how to report dispositions of business-use assets on Form 4797.

Topics Covered

* Character of gain or loss
* Sale of business property
* Section 1231 property
* Section 1245 and 1250 property
* Selling a business
* Form 8594 Asset Acquisition Statement
* Reporting section 1231 gains and losses
* Line-by-line instructions for preparation of Form 4797 – Sale of Business Property
* Comprehensive illustration of Form 4797
* Sale of publicly traded partnerships (PTPs)
* Passive activity loss rules for partner’s interest in a PTP
* Comprehensive illustration – Sale of PTP interest

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