Non-Sequiturs: 03.17.17

Non-Sequiturs: 03.17.17

preet2-300x160* Whaddya know. Preet Bharara said to be investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price at the time he was fired. [ProPublica]

* Ninth Circuit Judge Richard Clifton doesn’t mention Donald Trump’s name, but that’s totally who he was talking about. [Huffington Post]

* Will the Jones Day raid tip the balance of geopolitical affairs? [Law and More]

* Speaking of Jones Day, here’s another deep dive into the firm (featuring Paul Barrett of Bloomberg Businessweek and our own David Lat). [Big Law Business]

* A terrible injustice in El Salvador. [Washington Post]

* Who’s really getting screwed by the electoral college? Hint: It’s America. [Salon]

* Trump’s travel ban was doomed from the start. [Huffington Post]


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