Defending Dissent: Network Building

Defending Dissent: Civil Society and Human Rights in the Global Crackdown
April 13, 2017
Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights

“Network Building”

This panel examines innovative strategies used to build, strengthen, and protect in-country networks of human rights lawyers and activists committed to the protection of fundamental freedoms. The discussion highlights the power and challenges in creating sustainable networks in light of rising government repression.

Yu-Jie Chen, Doctor of Juridical Science, NYU School of Law
Shannon Green, Director, Human Rights Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies
Olga Sadovskya, Deputy Chair, Commission of Prevention of Torture
Yara Sallam, Director, Criminal Justice Program, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

Jerome A. Cohen, Professor of Law, NYU School of Law; Faculty Director, U.S.-Asia Law Institute, NYU School of Law