Bursary and Scholarship Info Session

An information session detailing how current students can apply for a scholarship or bursary and where they can find information online to assist in the process.

The LLM Experience

Why come to the United States for an LLM program? What’s special about the LLM experience at the University of Chicago? What advice would LLM graduates give prospective students? Four graduates of the University of Chicago Law School’s LLM program share their insights: – Carsten Angersbach, Class of 1997, from Germany – VĂ¢nia Marques Ribeiro…

Salman Sufi, “Combatting Violence Against Women in Pakistan”

Violence against women is a serious problem throughout Pakistan, the third most dangerous country for women in the world. Up to 85% of women have experienced some form of domestic violence. Daily, 6 women are murdered or face attempted murder, 8 raped, 11 battered and assaulted, and 32 abducted. However, the conviction rate for violence…

Redefining the Federal Environmental Assessment Process | Meinhard Doelle

Applied Scholarship with Professor Meinhard Doelle: “Redefining the Federal Environmental Assessment Process” Professor Doelle is interested in environmental law, energy law, and climate change. Follow Meinhard on Twitter @MDoelle. Read his published work here: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/cf_dev/AbsByAuth.cfm?per_id=715387

Secrecy in Pharmaceutical Research | Matthew Herder

Applied Scholarship with Professor Matthew Herder: “Secrecy in Pharmaceutical Research” Professor Herder is the Director of the Schulich School of Law’s Health Law Institute and teaches primarily in Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine. He specializes in biomedical innovation policy, intellectual property law, and practices connected to the commercialization of scientific research. Follow Matthew on Twitter @cmrherder….

Medical Assistance in Dying | Jocelyn Downie

Applied Scholarship with Professor Jocelyn Downie: “Medical Assistance in Dying” Professor Downie is a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellow at the Schulich School of Law and a University Research Professor in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at Dalhousie University. Her work focuses on health care ethics, law, and policy, with particular interest in end-of-life…