2017 Promise Institute Gift Announcement

Dean Jennifer L. Mnookin, Professor Asli Bali and Dr. Eric Esrailian, producer of “The Promise,” announce a $20 million gift to launch The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law.

Thank you to The Advocates’ Society

On behalf of the Schulich School of Law, Camille Cameron, Dean of Law, and Heather McNeill, QC, Acting Director of the Indigenous Blacks & Mi’kmaq Initiative, would like to take this opportunity to thank The Advocates’ Society for supporting Indigenous legal education and scholarship in Canada.

Public Prosecutions Service Internship | Fenessa Williams-Apostolakos

Public Prosecutions Service Internship: Under the supervision of a Senior Crown Attorney, interns are involved in all aspects of the work of a Crown Attorney. In addition to completing file reviews, they attend court, meet clients, and participate in trial preparation. WHEN: End of May to August HOW MUCH: $3,000 MORE INFORMATION: Speak with Elaine…

Laura Kalman, “LBJ, Nixon, and the Making of the Contemporary Supreme Court”

“The Long Reach of the Sixties: LBJ, Nixon, and the Making of the Contemporary Supreme Court” Laura Kalman focuses on the period between 1965 and 1971, when Presidents Johnson and Nixon launched the most ambitious effort to control the Court since Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack it with additional justices. She roots their efforts to…

Caveat Emptor By Kahane Law Office

What does caveat emptor mean? This Alberta lawyer explains what it is and why you should know about it, especially when it comes to real estate. www.Kahanelaw.com The Kahane Law Legal Minute is brought to you by Jeff Kahane of Kahane Law in Calgary, Canada. http://www.KahaneLaw.com/ (403) 225-8810 Kahane Law Legal Minute – Personal Property…

2017 Contemporary Challenges in Human Rights – Panel 4

Panel 4: Armenia: Genocide, Denial, Accountability The final conference session featured keynote speaker Geoffrey Robertson, Q.C., Founder and Joint Head of Doughty Street Chambers, with discussant Aslı Bâli, Professor of Law; Director, UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA. UCLA School of Law, International and Comparative Law Program – http://law.ucla.edu/iclp