UCLA Law Dean’s Circle 2017 Donor of the Year Recipient Karin Krogius, ’82

Karin Krogius ’82 is the recipient of the 2017 Dean’s Circle Donor of the Year award. This award goes to those who exemplify commitment to the school and to making a UCLA Law education ever better for those who follow in their footsteps. Karin Krogius is a longtime member of the UCLA Law Alumni Association…

Basic Session 14 – Basis of Assets – 2012 Tax Law

This session covers the following topics: How to determine cost basis in purchased, gifted and inherited property Determining basis in incentive stock options, ESPPs and RSUs including how to interpreting Forms 3922, Advice of Sale Statements & W-2s Use of Internet to Help Determine Basis of Certain Stock

Session 21 – Self Employment Income & Expenses 2 – 2012 Tax Law

This session covers the following topics: SE Taxes Business Use of Home Domestic Production Activities Deduction Payroll Reporting Rules Self-Employment Tax Net Operating Loss Rules Record Keeping Requirements Farm Income Preparation of Schedules C, SE, Form 8829 & 8903