Basic Session 17 – Sales & Other Dispositions of Assets – 2012 Tax Law

This session covers the following topics: Determining Holding Period Determining Recapture Amounts Figuring Gain or Loss Publicly Traded Partnerships Interpreting Form 1099 B Brokerage Statements Preparation of Schedule D and Forms 4797, 8949, 8938, TD F 90-22.1, 8594, Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain Worksheet & Capital Gain Worksheet

Session 21 – Self Employment Income & Expenses 2 – 2012 Tax Law

This session covers the following topics: SE Taxes Business Use of Home Domestic Production Activities Deduction Payroll Reporting Rules Self-Employment Tax Net Operating Loss Rules Record Keeping Requirements Farm Income Preparation of Schedules C, SE, Form 8829 & 8903

Like-Kind Exchange Reporting

This lecture reviews the rules governing like kind exchanges. Topics Covered * The types of property that qualify for like-kind exchange treatment * Time frame for identifying and acquiring replacement property * Use of qualified intermediaries * Identifying boot and determining taxable gain on sale * MACRS depreciation rules that apply to replacement property *…

Basis of Assets

Lecture Video Content Your cost basis in property is usually the purchase price; however, a variety of situations can cause the basis of an asset to be different than its purchase price. This course discusses how to determine the basis you have in assets that are acquired by purchase, gift, inheritance and a variety of…

Deductible Taxes, Interest, and Charitable Contributions

Lecture Content Schedule A is one of the most frequently used IRS forms. This is the second of four manuals we offer which provides a detailed look at the rules and limits that affect taxpayers who itemize deductions. No CE is awarded with the purchase of this manual. If you would like to receive CE,…